Silk yarns and silk blend yarns in raw, spun and textured formats

Gaddums offer a wide variety of beautiful silk and silk blend yarns across differing textures and counts from the Swiss Silk Spinner Camenzind. We have worked together for over 50 years supplying the highest quality silk yarns into the UK market.

Gaddums also supply Chinese spun silk in some yarn counts.

Silk qualities/blends
100% Spun Silk, available in: 210/2, 100/2, 30/2, 20/2, 8/2, 4/1, 2.5/1, 2.5/2
100% Spun Silk (ex Far East), available in: 140/2, 120/2, 60/2
100% Filament Raw Silk, available in: 20/22D
Various blends of silk with other natural fibres to give a different feel and look.
Textured Silk Qualities
100% Spun Silk Flammé, available in: 20/2
100% Unbleached Silk Noil, available in: 10/1 - we do have 100% SILK TUSSAH NOIL 3/1 NM
100% Silk Bouclé, available in: 2.97
100% Silk Tussah, available in: 20/2
A range of silk, textures and types
Flammé: a slightly textured yarn with fine slubs
Bouclé: with loops created in the spinning of the yarn
Noil: very short silk fibres spun into a textured yarn
Tussah: from wild silk moths, giving it a natural sandstone colour

Dyed 100% Silk COMO 50/70

A range of 16 colours available from stock. With its suble sheen and luxurious quality this is perfect for knitting and craft applications. Count is 4.5nm.

Image of Como silk
Textured silk samples

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A second image of Como Silk

Sample shade cards

These swatches illustrate the range of colours available and are not an exact match. Individual sample shade cards are available on request.

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