Silk Yarns, Silk Noils, Tussah Silk and other fibres for various craft applications

Gaddums offer and supply a comprehensive range of silk and other fibres for use in various craft applications from spinning, knitting, weaving, and art. The range has been expanded to include soybean and bamboo fibre. Please contact us for a current price list.

Whatever silk craft product you require,
we can supply it

Silk Craft Fibre
Clean Silk Noils Loose Fibre
Tussah Silk Noils Loose Fibre
Mulberry Silk Noils A Grade Loose Fibre
Bamboo Fibre Sliver / Tow
Tussah Silk Tops Sliver / Tow
White Silk Tops A1 Brick
White Silk Tops B2 Brick
White Silk Tops B2 Sliver / Tow
Silk Waste in the Gum Loose Strands
Silk Waste Degummed Loose Strands
Soybean Fibre Sliver / Tow
Carded Cocoon Strippings Loose Fibre
Silk Handkerchief Fibre Square
Silk Wadding Caps Fibre Cap
Silk Floss Loose Fibre
Whole Cocoons White
Cut Cocoons Without Pupa White
Cut Cocoons Without Pupa Mixed White & Yellow
ERI Cocoon Whole
ERI Cocoons Without Pupa
De-gummed Cocoons

Please note these are all supplied in their natural state.
To place your order please call us on 01538 385888.

If you would like to place an order, please call us on: 01538 385888