Alumina-silica yarns, sewing threads, woven fabrics, woven tapes and sleeving braids

Alumina-silica yarn is made up of thousands of filaments, giving it excellent flexibility and stability for transformation into textiles, without the aid of other organic or metal fibres. Products include 2- and 3-ply yarns, hand and machine sewing threads, rope and cord, woven fabrics, woven tapes and braided sleeving.

We supply the full range of NITIVY ALF® alumina-silica products

NITIVY ALF is a boron-free alumina-silica fibre that is composed of Al2O3 72% and SiO2 28%, which is commonly known as a representative stable metal oxide material. NITIVY ALF is a polycrystalline filament whose crystal type is gamma alumina and amorphous silica with a fine filament diameter of 7 micron.

Textile properties include good chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and superior electrical insulation properties. They are also corrosion-resistant and do not absorb moisture. NITIVY ALF is inherently colourless, but can be coloured with inorganic pigment red, black and blue. Pigments are stable up to 700/800°C.

There is a growing interest in NITIVY ALF filament yarn for use in a wide range of applications which require high-temperature operation environments.

NITIVY ALF product details and specifications

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Characteristics & applications of NITIVY ALF alumina-silica fibre

Alumina-silica properties
Colour and form White, continuous filament
Chemical composition 72% Al2O3 / 28% SiO2
Density 2.9g / cm3
Tensile strength 200kgf / mm2
Tensile modulus 17,000kgf / mm2

Alumina-silica applications

  • Thermal insulation rings (discs and collars) for diffusion furnaces used in the semi-conductor manufacturing process.
  • Furnace linings.
  • Heat-shielding curtains.
  • Thermal insulation seals or packing materials.
  • Thermal insulation coverings for thermocouple cables and wires.
  • Roller covers for tempered glass plate manufacturing.
  • Filters for molten aluminium or other metals.
  • Spacers for the heat treatment of metal or other materials.
  • Abrasive for plastic wetstone.
  • Insulators around generator and aircraft/rocket engines.
  • Catalyst carriers.
  • Electrical and thermal insulators for diesel particulate filter systems (DPF) and many others.

NITIVY ALF is a trademark of Nitivy Co. Ltd. in Japan and other countries.

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