Innovative textiles and yarns

The Gaddum family has been trading in textiles since 1826.
Gaddum & Gaddum Ltd. was founded in 2006, developing its early trading connections with China and importing silk yarns into the UK.

We now supply a range of textiles including many innovative and unique yarns, technical and industrial fibres and fabrics for a wide variety of end uses.

Leading UK supplier of silk, wool, bamboo and other fibres (fibers)

We continually expand our range to include the most innovative yarns, technical fibres and fabrics. We offer a full range of silk yarns and blends with bamboo, wool and other fibres – suitable for spinning, knitting, weaving, craft and industrial applications.

Technical yarns and fabrics for demanding textile applications

We have developed specialist yarns in a full spectrum of fibre types, blends and counts. We offer specialist yarns and fabrics. Our range includes water-soluble and high temperature alumina-silica. We can offer a range of cold water dissolving films.

Textile Yarn agents

Nembri Industrie Tessili s.r.l. – Manufacturers of high quality silk yarns for weaving and knitting. More Info

Italfil-Lane s.p.a. - Producers of high quality worsted woolen yarns. Specializing in classic yarns for high quality underwear, circular knitting and hosiery. Info

Find out more about specialist yarns and fabrics

We pride ourselves in being able to source yarns and fabrics to suit specialist niche markets in the apparel, industrial and technical textile fields. Take a look through our website and let us know how we can help service your needs.

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